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Four Seasons

No…….not that……this post is literally about these.…..

This week we observed the annual Spring equinox. Granted, where I live you wouldn’t know it’s Spring, but nonetheless the calendar says it is. This got me thinking, what’s your favorite season and why?

I suppose it’s impossible to claim one season is better than another, or the best of all. It’s clearly too subjective. Seasonal preference depends on many variables: location, activities, memories, temperature, etc. Duration may impact your preference as well. Although the calendar may judiciously split the seasons up equally, seasonal temps and appearance vary depending on where you live.

“Stay classy, San Diego”

I must digress momentarily. San Diegans likely have no idea what this “season” concept is. Average high and low temps in San Diego only vary by 10 degrees the entire calendar year. Oh perchance to dream!

For the rest of us unfortunate bums, our seasonal weather is a bit different. Living in the “heart” of the Midwest….ok, well, South Bend, Indiana….we can clearly measure the differences. Yet I must say, where I live we sort of experience three seasons more so than four. Yes, there is a Spring, but it seems shorter and shorter each year. We damn near segue from winter straight to summer and fall around here.

So what’s my winner of “The Battle of the Seasons?”

“That’s right DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince!”

This was a pretty obvious slam dunk as a kid. Summertime meant no school. Summertime meant long days and warm weather. For me this meant being outdoors playing street baseball with my neighborhood friends. My best friend and I attended different schools, so summertime was also when we saw each other the most.

Becoming an educator as an adult, summertime continued to mean no school. Unfortunately, that hasn’t meant street baseball with my friends. In 17 years of teaching I can probably count on one hand how many summers I didn’t work my other job, and those years were usually because I had to take classes to renew my teaching license. No, I quickly found out in this profession that you can’t live 12 months on a teacher’s salary.

Vic Lovisa: Summertime Grout Master!!

No, for the majority of the past 25 summers I’ve worked for my family’s tile business. I remember during my college years I once told my brother to take a picture of me on the job. He asked why. I said because it’s about to be the last time he’d ever see my ass on a job site! Yet, last summer, at age 42, there I was back on a job site. Truth be told, it’s probably when I am at my happiest all year. The older I get the more I appreciate those few months of being around my family and contributing to their business. There’s also something to be said for working with your hands. It’s such a gratifying feeling to look back at the end of the day and physically see what you accomplished that day. Think about it. In my profession you never really know if you’ve accomplished anything at all. We like to think we make a difference, but often times it’s truly hard to know.  Granted, another reason I likely enjoy my summer work is because it’s temporary. I don’t miss the way my 42-year-old hands felt every single night last summer after a day’s work of gripping and applying my tools. And let’s be honest, construction work is lot more tolerable in the summer months than in the dead of winter….something I don’t experience.

Summertime offers up so much in the way of activities as well.

Silver Beach, St. Joseph, MI

Beaches, outdoor sporting events, concerts, parks, local festivals, you name it! As I get older, I don’t enjoy the heat as much as I once did, but I’ll sure take shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops over knit hats, gloves, and winter coats!

2nd Place:

“Autumn Awe”

In addition to the aesthetic natural beauty the fall season offers, its moderate temperature seems to appeal to me more and more. Granted, late fall around here can start to get cold, and fall evenings are often chilly, but day temps are quite comfortable. Let’s face it, fall also means football! That alone moves this season a few spots up the chart!

Lastly, what about winter and spring?


Though Spring is virtually a very short season where I live, it is relevant to me. On the personal side, my oldest brother’s birthday is the first day of Spring, My dad’s birthday is three days after that. Then my birthday is two weeks after his. So in that sense Spring has been sort of special. I also love the symbolism of the season. The birth. The renewal. New Years may be January 1st, but springtime always feels like the new start to me. After a long winter, I always love the way that first warm sun feels on my bones.

Winter has its magic as well. Let’s be honest, a lot of us may moan and complain about snow, but you know you’re at least secretly excited when the first snowfall of the year comes. There’s a beauty to it. Speaking of beauty, moonlight reflecting off the snow on a clear winter night sky is about as beautiful as it gets in my book. And yes, winter brings us the Christmas season and its joy and memories as well. The problem with winter however… least here……is that it just lasts too damn long! Believe me, there’s no romance to snow in March. Once the holidays are over, and the happy-happys have passed, winter just sort of sticks around for three more months to beat us down.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter……….They all have their positives. They all have their negatives. In the grand scheme of things, I hope to see many more of all four. I like some seasons more than others, but I love all four seasons on this side of the dirt!




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