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Winds of Change



Thank you to those the past few years who have chosen to follow my blog, as well as Facebook friends who’ve occasionally checked out my ramblings. I started this blog a few years ago for two reasons. One, being an English teacher, I simply enjoy writing. Two, I wanted an outlet for my thoughts and observations. Though not many people read or even know of its existence, that’s ok. Though I’ve always been thrilled at the thought of someone out there reading my material and maybe even relating to some of the things I say, I suppose more than anything it’s served as a sort of online diary for me.

Unfortunately, my end of this equation has been nearly non-existent the past two years. When I created this site, I envisioned blogging at least three times a week. The last 24 months or so I’m lucky if I’ve posted something once a month. Part of that is undoubtably due to the constraints of work and family, but another part of it is just not making the time.

I dismissed good advice from veteran bloggers I knew when I started off. They told me to focus on one particular theme, interest, and/or passion. My thought was….”I have lots of interests.” I love talking about movies, television, sports, music, business, and on rare occasion, politics. I thought the open landscape of blogging about whatever’s on my mind would be more appealing. Though it’s taken me a few years to realize it, I now see that was in fact my problem. What I thought would turn out to be a well-rounded site with a variety of topical posts has instead been a random written stream of consciousness. I can’t tell you how many nights, after the kids are in bed, I’d sit down with my laptop thinking I’ve got a good hour to write something…….yet I’d spend the next 30 or 40 minutes trying to decide what subject matter I wanted to cover. Next thing you know…I’m tired, it’s late, and the bed sounded far more appealing than a blog post.

With that said…… the next few weeks I’m going to be relaunching my website. The look and feel will be completely different. Even the domain name is changing. Soon my little corner of the web will be known as “” The name sort of says it all. The site will be based on my takes on anything and everything rock ‘n roll. I use the term in the more all-encompassing manner, similar to how the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame does. It’s going to be a music-related blog.

Spending the past few months in stay-at-home quarantine as we all have, I’ve come to realize more than ever just how important music is to me. It’s been the one variable of my life that’s gone unchanged throughout these changing times. From the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep, there’s usually music playing from somewhere in my house throughout the day. Of all the topics I’ve blogged about in the past, I’ve always gotten the most satisfaction from my music-related posts.

I’m envisioning a site focused on band and artist histories, concerts, album reviews past and present, influential songs and eras, and rare gems. I’m hoping to include a news desk section as well. Links and information to relevant and interesting info, rumors, tours, etc. I’m fortunate to know some tremendous music enthusiasts. If I’m ever able to develop a little following, I’m hoping for some guest contributors to the site too.

I’m retaining my old domain name, as well. Once the new site is fully up and running, the old domain will serve as a redirect to I’d like to include a category link somewhere on the page linking my posts from the soon-to-be old site. Otherwise, all new posts going forward will be about the music!

If you’re a fan of music-related material, I sincerely hope you’re give the new site a look sometime. Three years ago I started a hobby I never really invested myself in. More than anything, I think it’s because I wasn’t focusing on my passion. I can’t wait to begin this new experiment! Turn it up!








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