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A Hate-Free Political Post

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Hate-free Political Blog

So I started blogging about a month ago. I know not many folks read it. I like writing, and I don’t have much of a social life anymore. Don’t feel sorry for me. I had 20 years of way too much social life. Hence, life for me now is going to work, coming home, and being with the family. No complaints here.

Yet, after blogging various takes on movies, sports, music, etc., lately I’ve found myself sort of wondering what I should write about next.  I realize of course I’ve been actively avoiding the big topic that most people love to talk about on a daily basis: politics. Well rest easy…..I’m not really going there. Been there, done that…..too dangerous.

But this got me thinking, why are people so passionate about politics? Since rejoining Facebook after a few years off, I was surprised by all the political posts. I know from experience most people are quite set in their views politically. You’re not likely to find common ground sitting one-on-one engaging in a rational conversation, much less make an impression on someone via a Facebook or Twitter strike.

I’m not even sure a lot of politicians are that passionate about politics. I’ve heard and read countless stories about congressmen and senators who vote on bills they don’t even read. Think about it……that’s their freakin’ job, and most of us seem to care more than they do!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good that we care. We should. After all, it’s our country, and they’re supposed to represent us.

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But here’s the thing: In my adult life I’ve lived 8 years of Clinton (Democrat), 8 years of W. Bush (Republican), and 8 years of Obama (Democrat). During those years I’ve seen majority rule swing back and forth between Congress. Living in Indiana I’ve had Democrat Governors (Bayh & O’Bannon), and Republican Governors (Daniels and Pence).

You know what hasn’t changed? Every morning I have to wake up, go to work and deal with whatever daily challenges that entails, come home and deal with whatever that entails, go to bed, get back up, and do it again.

I know it sounds like I’m simplifying things, but in all honesty, how much has your day-to-day life really been effected by who holds political office?

Enough to feel anger and hate? I don’t know, that’s why I ask. Just seems like a lot of negative energy to me, and negative energy serves no purpose. It’s the inverse of energy.

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Which of course leads me to this. Full disclosure…..the candidate I supported for president lost in the primary. Way it goes. I don’t share that information so Trumpsters can tell me how stupid I am. I simply preferred someone else who enough other voters obviously didn’t. That’s the democratic process. I’m really o.k. with it.

Unfortunately, if we weren’t already too politically polarized as a nation before (we were) the emergence of President Trump has elevated that polarization to all-time new heights. Many anti-Trump supports won’t stop protesting or accept that he won the election. Many Pro-Trump supporters believe people are “un-American” if they objectively disagree with anything he says. Both stances are wrong.

To the anti-Trumpsters, here’s the deal…….he won. Regardless of whatever involvement the Russians had in their election-meddling I’m pretty confident it wasn’t enough to change the outcome. It’s time to curb the protesting. It’s time to stop trying to reverse the election results. I know we are a zero-patience, zero-attention span society these days, but if you stop and take a breath you’ll find that four years goes by faster than you realize. If he does a horrible job, Democrats and Republicans alike have a constitutional privilege to vote him out in the next election. If he turns the country upside down in a bad way, the next president can reverse his policies and turn the country right side up. That’s democracy. You don’t have to like him. But for now, he’s our president. Be patient.

To the pro-Trumpsters, here’s the deal…….don’t brand people un-American just because they’re not willing to accept this guy’s every word on blind faith. Last week many loyal Fox News viewers wanted the network to fire their long-time host Sheppard Smith because he made critical comments of President Trump on their airwaves. That’s incredibly absurd, and worse yet, it’s dangerous. Our actions become un-American when we stop objectively questioning the decisions of our elected officials, not the other way around.

I guess what I attempted to do here was talk politics without throwing politics at you. I’d like to think politics can still be discussed without taking absolute sides, engaging in personal attacks, and pouring up big fat mugs of hate.

But hey, if I’m wrong………….we still gotta get up everyday and go to work. Some things don’t change!


Vic Lovisa

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